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We  welcome your comments. We welcome your news, for in truth, we are a NEWS-paper. We will try to entertain you, to agitate you, and sometimes provoke you to constructive thought. At all times, however, we hope to SERVE you.
The central city speaks with many voices. SUCH IS THE ORDER OF THINGS. The issue of HOUSING, EMPLOYMENT, HEALTH, ADEQUATE SCHOOLS, and PERSONAL DIGNITY is bein
g spoken to by these many voices.
It will be the Sentinel’s role to catch this crescendo of sound and impart it in all of its diversity to the world. This will be our obligation. THIS IS OUR PLEDGE.

​Metro Publishing Group (MPG) is a well established Minority owned  media publishing company founded in 1968.  The company
 provides print, web based and social media information that affect our community and the world.  The company wants to expand its presence in the regional St. Louis market place. The company (MPG) is uniquely community oriented. It provides quarterly special promotions to provide positive social events that spot light and provide recognition to individuals that have demonstrated outstanding positive leadership roles in the African American community. These promotions also provide a revenue stream for the company. These special promotion events set Metro Publishing Group apart from other media companies in the metropolitan area. The four (4) special promotions are quarterly, and coincide with special printed editions of our publication that have grossed over $50,000 each. The promotions are: Black History; Tribute to Black Women and Fashion Show; Tribute to Minority High School Students; and the “YES I CAN” Awards Banquet.  Metro Publishing Group has provided ongoing sponsorship for these community minded  events  that have been held for over 30 years each. These four (4) promotions, publication and social events coinciding with them, highlight positive activities in the community. 

Michael C. Williams
Editor and Publisher
​              2016

Enclosed are brochures that explain each Special Promotion. Note - each Special Promotion has to be accomplished with adequate staff and cash-flow, provided by the requested working capital loan please note - special promotions revenues are in conjunction with weekly sales by same staff that are adequate, along with an adequate cash flow.

“It Doesn’t Cost ... It Pays To Advertise
in The St Louis Metro Sentinel”

To Link Into Growth, Power and Prosperity do the following 

        1.      Advertise weekly in the newspaper

        2.      Your ad goes on the website for viewing daily 24/7

        3.      Purchase all 4 special promotions

We are delighted to introduce you to the St. Louis Metro Sentinel. We have come into the St. Louis market with but one objective — to serve with vigor the many fine citizens who live here.

We are launching this newspaper upon a three-pronged platform: JUSTICE, INTEGRITY and SERVICE. We seek to fashion a community of justice for all. We all give SERVICE and INTEGRITY.

We have no loyalties except to the people. We will be fiercely independent and strongly  competitive.  We seek your support, not your sympathy.

The addition of YES I CAN Foundation (501 c3) – provides a mechanism to gives back to the community and also creates new revenue streams for

Metro Publishing Group

The addition of the Yes I Can (YIC) Foundation allow Metro Publishing Group (MPG) to become more competitive in the marketplace and give back opportunities and rewards in the form of scholarships to minority high school students. the foundation  endorses the concept of president Oboma’s initiative of ‘I Am My Brothers Keeper’.
Metro Publishing Group allows for the following:

A.      YIC foundation will sponsor the annual special events, and the proceeds will go to scholarships for             youth: Black History. JOC, Speaker Series and YIC Banquet.
B.      Attract more support from the community and corporate America. 
C.      Allow us to partner with other not-for-profit foundations to benefit community. 
D.      Allow Metro Publishing Group to integrate the printed newspaper with new social media

           technology for the website and Facebook. 
E.      Allow Metro Publishing Group to embrace the initiative of president obama’s program of  ‘I Am My           Brothers Keeper’ to help young black men and women stay out of trouble and further their

          educational goals. 
F.      Allow Metro Publishing Group to help benefit the community through job training initiatives,

          educational scholarships, and community forums

4 Special Promotions Yearly

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