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force, in the killing of a young Black man, could have been worse. News outlets around the country, thought that St. Louis would go up in smoke, because a white judge found a white police officer not guilty, in a much publicized criminal trial that rocked the nation.

Mayor Lyda Krewson, new to the job, showed that she had discipline and full command of the city’s police department. A lot of citizens showed up to protest and included in those crowds, were outsiders who looked for opportunities to become untruly, but it did not happen.

The peaceful demonstrators showed that there is still a lot of inequities that exist in the city of St. Louis. The demonstrators showed their smarts by not marching in North St. Louis, a section of the city that is considered to be full of crime and murders. The demonstrators gathered and marched in areas of the city that show have low crime rates and economic prosperity. The peaceful protestors caused the closing of mostly non-black businesses and concerts. It probably cost the city millions in revenues, but no lost lives.

Mayor Krewson took a lot of heat, because of how she treated the demonstrators, but she acknowledged that the peaceful marchers were protected by the U.S. Constitution. the right to assemble and freedom of speech. One wonders if the former Mayor Slay had still been in office, how he would have handled such a delicate situation.

Mayor Krewson
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